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How It Works- Jewish NYC Singles

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Calling all NYC Jewish Singles! Are you tired of swiping left and right? We've  got you covered! Come meet someone special or expand your social circle with  other Jewish Professionals in New York. Let's make finding love in the city a  little easier. Join us now!

Jewish Speed Dating NYC: At our signature Jewish speed dating events, you'll  have the opportunity to go on up to 15 mini-dates and receive your matches via  email the following morning (often on the same night). Each date will last 4-6 minutes and you will circle on a score card whether you are interested.  After the round, the guys rotate to the next lady and we start the process again.  At the end of the event, you turn your paper in to the organizer who will tally the results.   We're proud to say that  70-80% of our participants leave with at least one match!    But that's not all - our speed dating events also provide one-way matches  (someone picks you, but you don't pick them) which has resulted in several  successful matches and give you a second chance.   And the best part? Our Jewish Speed Dating events take place both in-person in  New York City and virtually on Zoom.  

 We often hear from our attendees that our events give them the chance to meet more Jewish singles in one night than they would typically meet in a year. Join us and see for yourself! 

 Jewish Cultural & Activities :  Our Jewish cultural and activities are super fun! You won't want to miss out on our events, which can range from concerts and baseball games, to comedy shows and fitness classes as well as speed friending. We also offer scavenger hunts, museum visits, and trips to the zoo.  Plus, you'll get a chance to make new friends and learn about Jewish history along the way.

Girls Night Out is the perfect event for Jewish ladies who want to make new friends and find activity partners! You won't want to miss out - check out the CNN video in the media section for more details.

Contact us now at (718) 757-6933 with any questions.

Click here to Signup and SPIN for a chance to win a FREE Speed Dating Event!

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