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Why Choose JewishDatingNYC.com

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You know what makes Jewish Dating NYC stand out from the crowd? It's all about how we run our events. Our clients keep telling us how much they love the seamless organization, the relaxed vibe, and the fun, creative ideas we come up with. We take pride in making sure every event is a memorable experience that people can't stop talking about.

We were founded in 2003 when our very first speed dating event took place on Valentines Day (open to all).  We first began running Jewish Speed Dating in NYC in 2010 under our parent name WeekendDatig.com.  These Jewish events were previously held in conjunction with another group, however as of May 2023 we are no longer associated with them and we now operate our Jewish events as www.JewishDatingNyc.com


Even though we put in that extra effort to make sure everything runs smoothly, there could still be hiccups- but don't worry! We'll make it right, every time. We take pride in our small team and personal touch that makes every participant feel heard. And if for some reason you're not satisfied with how an event went, just give Jay a call at 718-757-6933 to discuss.

Consider these guidelines as you evaluate whether to use a particular company for a Jewish Speed Dating event.  Much of the same criteria can also be used for general Jewish Singles Mixers as well. 

If you're on the lookout for Jewish Singles events in NYC, there are a few things to keep in mind. 
Go ahead and Google "Jewish Speed dating NYC" or "Jewish dating events in NYC," and you'll have a whole bunch of options.

But listen, to make sure you're getting quality, you need to pay attention to the organizers' philosophy. Do they really care about finding you your Bashert, that special someone? The best will structure their events to make that happen.

Now, sometimes it's a matter of luck who ends up at an event. But, if you choose a good organizer, you'll know they're not just trying to make a quick profit off you. So, keep these guidelines in mind as you check out different companies for Jewish Speed Dating or Singles Mixers.

Age groups 
The first thing people always ask is "what are the ages of the people attending"?  Once people arrive at the event, the age group goes out the window and it purely comes down to chemistry and attraction.  We believe in delivering what is advertised and require proof of age at our Jewish speed dating events.  We do give a little flexibility and offer a few year grace, however you will not find someone registered that is much older than the specified age group.  

Some companies advertise multiple age groups for the same night. Should you see this, you want to question the organizer as to whether two different age group events are taking place or if everyone is being mixed together. It may really be that separate events are happening, or it could be an effort by the organizer to ensure enough people are attending. Don't be afraid to ask questions.


Refund Policy
Have you ever heard of a shady company that sets up fake NYC Jewish Speed dating or singles events, cancels them at the last minute, and then refuses to give refunds? I know of one such company that tells you no refunds are allowed, but you can have a credit towards another event. And when that one is cancelled, they make the same offer again. This is completely unfair! If the organizers cancel the event, you should always get your money back. You should definitely be wary of any Jewish speed dating company that refuses to offer refunds!

How do you submit your selections from the Jewish Speed Dating event
Many companies require you to log into a system and enter your own desired matches after the event is over.  It is less work for the organizer and in theory everything is automated. We use an old school approach and send you the matches from our end.   You may be wondering what the big issue is anyway?  Riddle me this.    You have a great time at the Jewish singles event, get home and eagerly submit that you were interested in 4 people.  A day goes by and no match comes through.  Then two days, then three.  What is happening here?  It could be that the person you liked was not interested, hence the reason for the no match.  However it may be that Jennifer who you liked, never logged on to the system to enter her matches.  She had a family issue come up and is busy.  Maybe her dog ate the paper.  For whatever reason, you are sitting and thinking that the other person was not interested, when the truth was that they never entered in their selections.

How fast will you receive your matches?
You might be interested to know that the turn around time for getting results can vary greatly from company to company. Not to brag or anything, but here at Jewish Dating NYC, we make it our top priority to send you the results by Noon the next day after your event. It's possible that you might even receive them within hours after the event concludes! Of course, some groups also do a good job and send the results the next day, while others may require you to wait several long days to hear back. That's why it's always important to inquire about the turn around time before reserving. Don't you agree?

What kind of matches are you provided with?
So you're wondering about the matches you get, huh? Well, in the traditional system, you're only given mutual matches – which means you only get the contact information of the person you liked if they liked you back. But, we kick it up a notch at our events! You'll not only get mutual matches, but also one way matches. If someone likes you and you didn't choose them, you'll still find out who they are and can decide if you want to reach out. Believe it or not, our one way match system has even led to a few marriages!
How many people do you get to meet at the Singles Speed Dating event? 
At Jewish Dating NYC, the minimum number of dates is 7 and the maximum will be about 13.  Each event can vary.  At our events as well as many other groups, ,you meet everyone who is in attendance.  Other singles companies have you meet only a portion of the attendees, but give you more time.  For example, you may meet 8 out of 13 possible dates and be encouraged to meet the others on your own afterwads.  It only takes on person to change you life, so we want you to meet everyone.

Do you need to pay in advance for the singles events?
In planning a Jewish speed dating event in NY, there's a critical issue to consider. With so much to do in the city, many people may be no-shows if payment isn't required in advance. Gender-balancing the events isn't easy, so watch out for any speed dating company that lets you pay at the door.

What is the time frame for each date?
A typical round lasts for about 4 to 6 minutes depending on the number of attendees. The more, the merrier, but a smaller crowd gives you more time to get to know each other. Our aim here is to give you a sneak-peek into your date's personality, to help you decide whether to take this further. The right match will leave you longing for more while a wrong one will make the shorter rounds seem like a blessing. Other dating groups have a different approach, giving up to 7-10 minutes per date, but they don't guarantee meeting everyone.

When did the company start hosing Jewish Singles events in NYC?
Speed dating is *very* different from a mingle, and the amount of companies who start and fail at running speed dating events is staggering. 
I'm not saying a new company can't offer a quality event, however, just proceed with caution. Most new companies that start doing these events are out of business within 6 months. 

Look for a company who has a proven track record and has been around for a while. Checking reviews is important, however keep in mind that some very shady companies use review services that write enough positive things to make finding the truth **hard to find**. 

Do not just look at the first few reviews, but read through them! 

How can you contact someone should you have a question?
We believe in personal service and our phone number is posted on every page, 718-757-6933.  A real person (me Jay) answers the phone or will call you back.  

Click here to Signup and SPIN for a chance to win a FREE Speed Dating Event!

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