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Tips about dating

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Looking to add some magic to your life? Look no further than The New Intimacy! It's easier than you think to get started – just follow these ten steps to better confidence, self-respect, and intimacy that makes it all worthwhile.

Are you ready to dive in? Great! Start with step one: ACCEPT COMPLIMENTS. This might be tough at first, but here's the trick: pay attention to every compliment you receive, no matter who it's from. Every compliment is love-in-shorthand, so just practice accepting them with a simple "thank you". Before you know it, your heart will be opening up and you'll be eager to give and receive the gift of love.


Are you ready to unlock the key to a richer and more meaningful life? Spoiler alert: it's differences! Embracing differences is a celebration of all that is possible, including you. 

Imagine breaking free from the isolation, loneliness, and yearning for connection. It all starts by recognizing that the other person is not you. Take the time to discover who they are and how they see the world. 

Making the simple act of paying attention to how different people are from you will change your life forever. Should you give it a try? We say, why not!

Step 3: EXPRESS YOURSELF. No one who has ever lived before, or will ever live again, is just like **you**. That's more than a skin-deep observation. It's a profound truth about life. So, appreciate how unique you are, and never hold back on telling the truth about what you feel, what you believe, and what you want. Remember, you'll never pass this way again **as you are**

Step 4: RESERVE JUDGMENT. It's so easy for us to get caught up insisting on what we think is right, or sensible, or appropriate. Those are judgments. When you make them in a knee-jerk fashion, without thinking, without taking the time to find out if they really apply, you not only wipe out the person you hurl them at, you sentence yourself to the solitary confinement of being the way you've always been. If you yearn for more from your life, one of the simplest ways you can have more is to reserve judgment and let others and the world become your teacher. When you take the time to reserve judgment, you will liberate yourself from the solitary confinement of being the way you've always been. 

Click here to Signup and SPIN for a chance to win a FREE Speed Dating Event!

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